Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fun Things Going On

A few weeks ago I spent a few days in Topeka house hunting. No luck. It was very discouraging, but we had a good time visiting. Uncle Kurt took Anderson out to Gage Park. They rode the carousel, fed the ducks and as much as Anderson is in love with "choo choo trains," he was terrified when the real thing came along and so instead of riding the real one, they rode the "broken choo choo." Ever since then, anything that isn't moving is "broken."
Here are some pics from their day.

On Saturday, we celebrated Mother's Day with Grandma and Grandpa Leinwetter. We got our first boat ride of the year. It was a beautiful day.

Made for the Water

Helping Grandpa drive

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Elizabeth H. said...

The picture of Anderson in his life vest is SO good!!! He is such a handsome little boy!!