Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Last Post from Wichita

The moving van is sitting out front and the men are loading like crazy.

Well, all but a few boxes...

Monday, June 22, 2009

All Boxed Up

The house is all boxed up. Moving van loads tomorrow and delivers our stuff to the storage unit on Wednesday. What a bittersweet day. Lee and I are looking forward to our new beginning in Topeka but will miss our friends and home so much. I have been fighting back tears all day and know that at any moment, I am going to break down. Hopefully I can at least wait until Lee gets home so I have someone to cry with. Adri is at day care and Anderson went home with the in-laws so its just me sitting here in my home with floor to ceiling boxes all over the place. :(

Please keep us in your prayers as we continue to look for a new house. Slim pickins in Topeka right now and I don't see any signs of the market picking up. But you never know! :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009


I just noticed I have been using a lot of these !!!!!!!!!!!!! lately. I guess I am very passionate about the things going on right now!!!!! :)

Pee Pee in the Potty!!!!!!!!!!

Anderson had his first pee pee in the potty tonight!! He was so proud of himself. Mom and Dad were a little proud too!!!! I took a picture after the fact but he wasn't to thrilled about my photography session. He was more interested in getting off the potty and collecting his reward, a sucker. Of course he chose the "geen" one.

Go Bubby!!!
(thats our name for anderson)

For the Love!!!!!!!!

So it is final, we are NOT new home owners. The sellers accepted our last offer from May. But then they came back and said that we HAD to close by June 30th or they wanted $1000 more. Turns out that its darn near impossible to close in 2 weeks so we made an offer to buy the house and close on July 10th but we wanted to take possession on the 25th and pay them rent for the days that we were in the house before closing. Well, all this time they are accepting other offers on the house (which shouldn't be allowed since the house was "under contract" and quite frankly makes me upset but what can I do about it? Nothing) and so the sellers were basically just playing us until they got a better deal from one party or the other. So they took the other offer b/c they weren't wanting to take possession before closing like we were. ANNOYING!!!!!!!!!! However, I am glad that I won't have to deal with the most irrational people in the world anymore. Seriously, this guy wanted to add $100 to the asking price of the home b/c of the amount of lightbulbs that he was leaving with the house. Need I say more about being irrational???

Looking on the bright side, Lee and I have a great basement to live in at his parents house. They live on a lake and have a pool. What else could I ask for in a summer home??? Live in grandparents, well got that too! This is also a huge answer to our prayers about this house. We have been praying for God to make this decision for us obvious and since we have done everything in our control to get this house and it isn't working out, I know that God has better plans for us. I was actually more relieved that it didn't go through so that tells me something too.

I guess it was a jinx to post about the house afterall so in the future, don't expect to see any posts about a house until we have closed on it! ;)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Well What Do You Know!

So the people selling the house I blogged about last week decided to take our offer after all! Lee and I are really excited. We will close sometime before June 30th. Don't know for sure when until we talk to the bank tomorrow to figure out how fast they can get an appraiser out there. I don't know if I already said all of this but the inspection has already been done, needed repairs made, we are waiting on the results of the radon test (which will be in on Friday) and then the house is ready to go.

Let the moving madness begin!

Here is the house. I am not calling it OUR house yet. I don't want to jinx anything ;)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

no rest for the weary

went to get in bed
no sheets..cross fingers that they are in the dryer
check dryer... no luck
check washing machine
there they are... wet


put sheets in dryer... remembered to START the dryer (sometimes i don't)
what to do for 70 minutes while they dry???

facebook, catch up on friend's blogs, write birthday thank yous (yes i know that was a month and a half ago), do dishes, check email

that only took 30 minutes.

waiting.... waiting... waiting....

oh yea, i have a book to finish!
off to read Eclipse!!!

Tonight I will be thankful for warm sheets and a freshly made bed to crawl in to. Even if I had to do it myself. :)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

When a Good Idea Goes Bad, Sweet Potatoes and Feeding Sister

Remember Lee's genius idea of turning an old pack-n-play into a homemade ball pit. Well, sometimes good ideas take a turn for the worse. Anderson has now decided that the most fun thing he can do right now is throw all of the balls OUT of the ball pit leaving quite a mess to pick up. I am actually surprised it took him this long to figure out this fun game.

Adri had sweet potatoes for the first time. We took this event outside b/c we knew it was going to be a mess.

Anderson wants to put anything he can find in Adri's mouth (toys, pacis, bottles, blankets) so when I left a bottle on the kitchen table for a sec, he was quick to take the opportunity to "feed" DeeDee (thats what he calls her). She was just thrilled that he wanted to pay attention to her.

Please notice mismatched PJs and take one guess at who dressed Anderson for bed the night before. ;) Kate M.-this reminds me of one of your recents posts. :)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Not so much...

So we countered the sellers counter offer and eventually turned down the seller's second counter offer. Bummed?? Not at all! We were interested in the house for a short term home only for a certain price (which is a very fair price for the house and area) but the sellers weren't willing to take it so we walked. I am somewhat happy b/c it was going to be a lot of work to get moved in so soon. Would I have gladly done it? Of course.

So the house hunting continues. And thats ok.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

New House???

I went to Topeka on Thursday b/c Lee was on call Friday night and I thought it would be a good time to get one last house hunt under our belts before we gave up on finding a house until we moved there in 3 weeks. Well... There was a house that was on the market a few months ago and I came in town just to see it and the day we were going to look at it, it went under contract (it actually got 4 offers on the same day!) so I was unable to see it. BUMMER!

So on Friday my dad calls and says that the contract on the house fell through b/c the buyers wanted to close on it later than the original date. This is perfect for us b/c literally the house is ready to go (inspections done, problems fixed) and owners are ready to move out ASAP. So we went to see it and we put in an offer this morning. I know this is a lot of story just to say we found a house, but I just thought it was cool that it came back on the market when I was actually in town. I think it was a sign!! Here is a pic of the house. Its an older home but its so cute and will meet our needs perfectly for the next 3 or 4 years.

Say a little prayer that things go well and it can be ours!