Sunday, October 18, 2009


So probably the most moritfying moment I have had as a mom happend a few days ago. I was with the kids at McDonalds. It was just me. I had to run to KC for the day to go shopping for a wedding this coming weekend. Anyway, we sat by the drinking fountain area and were eating our chicken nuggets and apples when a very large lady walks in. Both my kids immediately begin to stare at her. I cannot seem to distract them. Not even Adri. Well this lady comes over by us to get her drink and she looks at me and my kids who are still staring in disbelief and smiles a little bit. I was a little embarrassed so to save my face, I looked at Adri and said, "can you say hi?" thinking she would smile and wave. Adri doesn't perform for me this time so then the lady looks at Anderson and smiles. And thats when it happend,

Anderson looks at me with the most curious face and says "is that a hippo mommy?"

yep. he said it. loud and clear.

i pretented to not hear him. she did the same and then went to sit down and eat. now any of you who have been around a 2 year old and tried to pretend you didn't hear them know exactly whats coming next.

anderson, a little bit louder this time (since i obviously didn't hear the first time) begins a series of questions that i am guessing will take me a long time to ever forget and recover from.

It went a little like this...

"what hippo eating mommy?"
"hippo sit in that chair?"
"hippo get a drink?"

i turned all shades of red i am sure. i tried to act like he was saying purple instead of hippo. "no, thats not a purple chair, anderson. its silver" i don't think i was able to save the moment.

needless to say, we left McD's very quickly. Anderson had to finish his dinner in the car while i tried to bury myself in a hole somewhere.

God bless 2 year olds and their sweet curiosity. i think we need to take a trip to the zoo so we can talk about how hippos live in the zoo, NOT at mcDonalds.


Still Alive and Kickin

well, its been a whirlwind of craziness since closing day on our house. we STILL do not have interent/phone so bear with me while i wait as patiently as i can for good old Cox to come out AGAIN and get me connected to the world. til then, no pics of what we have been up to. but we are slowly getting settled in to the house. kids rooms are getting painted this week. new lights and bathroom fixtures are on deck for the next few projects. i am exhausted. it is sooooo hard to move in and get organized with 2 munchkins around needing me all the time. thats ok, they are worth it! hoepfully some pics of the new place will be up shortly!
Til then,
Happy Fall Ya'll