Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sono today!

I went in for a 4d sono today and it was lots of fun. Our little girl was so sweet. She smiled several times during the sono and we discovered that she likes to suck her toes! It was really neat to see her for the last time until she is born. :) I am in love! We were a little shocked to find out that she already weighs 3 and a half pounds. So I am either having a huge baby (my mom had big babies) or my due date is a little off (I have suspected this all along) . Today the sonographer estimated a delivery date of Dec 1. That fits closer to what I would have guessed, but since it is just at 2 weeks before my latest due date, they won't officially change it. I am a little freaked out b/c this means I only have 8 weeks and 6 days until I am a mother of 2. YIKES!!!!!!! I just worry about being a good mom to both of my kids and keeping my sanity during the first few months (and years). I think the reality of it all is hitting me now and to be perfectly honest, I'M SCARED!!!!!!!! I think with your first, you get more and more excited as your due date approaches b/c you are clueless and have no idea what is about to hit you. But with #2, you are more terrified as you get closer to "d day" b/c you know EXACTLY what is about to hit you. Anyway, here is our sweet baby. Her daddy got to do part of the sono and actually caught the smile! Go dad!

Smiling for dad.

Right side of face.

This was Anderson at 28 weeks. We can't decide if they look alike.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bow Mania!!!!!!!

I've gone completely mad over hairbows!!!!!!!!! Today in searching for some instructions to make my own, I came across this AWESOME website with FREE step-by-step bow making instructions.

Oh Happy Day! Here are a few I plan to make.

Cupcake Clippie
So cute for a toddler especially with all these cute cupcake outfits right now!

Bow Board
I am making these for Christmas gifts for my friends with girls!
(yes Sammie, that means you!)

Korker Bows
Love these for babies!

Classic Boutique Bow
And of course, the classic boutique bow. This one is a staple in any girl's collection!

Can't wait to show you pics of bows that I have made. Only trouble is deciding which one to start with!

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Cats out of the Bag!

This is a copy of a post from my friend Natalie's blog. I have nothing further to say (except that I promise not to wear mom jeans). For a good laugh, read below.

Posted on- Monday, September 22, 2008
Title of post- I'll take the one with the captain's chairs and the double sliding doors, please.

So we have a pretty tight knit group of girlfriends from college. And that means a) we can be very blatently honest in our opinions with each other (which we don't tend to hold back) and b) there are no secrets. And if you do have a secret, good luck keeping it. And it's a known fact that some of us are better at keeping secrets than others (I usually fall into the latter category).

While we've all had our turn in the hotseat, poor Laura received the brunt of it this last week. Now this was partially her fault, because she chose the wrong person to tell her dirty little secret to (love you Whit!). You wanna know her secret that she tried very, very hard to keep from us? I'll tell you... no even better, I'll show you:

Yep, SHE BOUGHT A MINIVAN! Then, for some reason, she told this tidbit of information to Whitney who promised to take it to her grave. Completely forgoing that whole grave thing, Whitney promptly hung up and called Alex, and Alex told the rest of us. This resulted in Laura receiving 4 text message simultaniously harassing her about her new ride. Which she responded with "WHO TOLD???"

In her defense, she does have an adorable little boy and a bun in the oven, but STILL! What happened to the days back in college when we swore up and down that no matter what we would NEVER revert to the utter-uncoolness albeit very functional world of minivan ownership?! I guess 1 1/2 kids later, function outweighs coolness. Although knowing Laura (nicknames include Martha Stewart, Barbie Bride, Best Dressed at our high school, etc.) she will no doubt find a way to roll her minivan in style (I doubt she will take the painted on flames approach, but it made for a good visual)

Laura lives in Kansas now, so all the fun-making had to be done via text message/email. My favorite part of the exchange was Whitney (and I quote) "Alex, you little (brat), we were supposed to make fun of her in silence!!!"

We love you Laura!!! And your minivan, too!! Just promise us you will stay away from the mom jeans, okay?!?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A great trip to Colorado!!!!!

We went to Colorado last week for a much needed vacation. We met up with Lee's parent's in Vail for the first few days and then headed to Dillon for a retreat with Lee's residency program. We had lots of fun. Here are some highlights from the trip.

5:30am- leaving home. We thought we would get up and leave early so that Anderson could finish sleeping in the car. Does this look like a sleeping kid to you???

Our friends let us borrow their back pack kid carrier. We LOVED it and so did Anderson. Thanks KC!!!!!!!!!!!

Family shot along the stream in Lionshead.

All tuckered out. This hiking stuff can wear you out, you know?

CO trip pics

A trip on the gondola.

Hmm... I kind of like this. :)

Volvo SUV made from Legos. We thought this was pretty cool.

Our first night in Vail we went out to dinner and then had some dessert at a resturant with an outdoor patio and live music. Anderson, our music man, of course loved the music, but he loved finishing off this dessert even more!

We made a pit stop at the candy store in Breckenridge. Anderson stuffed his mouth full of Sour Patch kids. Yum! Yum!

"What do you mean "all gone?" I know there is more in there. I will check for my self."

More CO trip pics

We went to the Breckenridge Oktoberfest and had some fun. Anderson got his groove on in the middle of the dance floor. Dad joined in for the chicken dance.

Anderson was amazed with this GIANT pretzel. He looked it over once or twice, decided it was too big to pick up and so he just stuck his head in it and took a bite. It was pretty funny.

Lee's shining moment came the next morning when he discovered he was on the front page of the paper. Since this is a family website, I will stop there. Talk to Lee for more stories about his Oktoberfest celebration. :)
Here is Lee toasting with random party goers one day.

and again...

Front cover celebrities the next! (yes that is Anderson on his back)

Finally...she's here!

My favorite part of the trip was stopping in Scott City on our way home to meet the newest addition to Lee's extended family, Lynsi Diane Kanak. :)

Such a cutie.

Big brother Jaren, Lynsi and Anderson (who isn't quite sure what to think)

Jaren pushing Anderson around on his toy. We need to get one of these bikes for Anderson, he loved it.