Thursday, May 21, 2009

Can I get an AMEN!

Does anyone else feel like ALL they do all day long is clean their stupid kitchen. I swear I clean it up and 5 minutes later, I am cleaning it again. What is wrong with me???? I am so sick of cleaning the kitchen!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need a maid. and a cook, and a gardener, and a nanny, and a laundry folder. hmm, what else can I add to my list of "I wants" :)

My friend said she saw a sign that said- "If evolution really worked, then why don't moms have more arms?"

Hmm?? Good question.


Elizabeth H. said...

AMEN!!!!! It drives me crazy.
I am seriously considering paying one of our neighborhood girls to fold my laundry... it would add at least an hour to my day.

Jennifer said...

AMEN! I want a maid too!!!