Monday, August 24, 2009

2 Teefers, Happy Birthday Daddy, and Hanging out at Gage Park

Adri woke up saturday morning with not 1 but 2 teeth! Here she is in all her teething glory! Such a big girl!

Lee Celebrated the big 3-0 on Saturday. He went golfing in the morning with his brother and a friend from Wichita and then we had dinner with his parents that night. Sunday we went to Lawrence to celebrate with his gma, gpa and aunts and uncles.

Adri tried some of gpa's homemade ice cream and really loved it!

Eating cupcakes and ice cream and opening gifts

Anderson decided that using his hands was too messy so he just dug in with his face!

We have been going to Gage Park a lot lately. Its lots of fun. There is a train that you can ride all the way around the park, a lot of playground equipment and a carousel. Anderson loves when we get to go. We went a few weeks ago with grandma and grandpa L and last Friday with Mimi. Here are some snapshots of our time there.

Anderson with his Mimi just after boarding the train (no he is NOT picking his nose. I promise.)

Self portrait of the whole gang

With Grandma L on the Carousel

halloween 2009 preview

We are teaming up with some other friends and creating the cast of Wizard of Oz this year. Over done? Yes. Still cute? Of course!

Here is part of Adri's costume. I made her a tutu and bought some black and white striped BabyLegz. She will wear a black onesie and some mary jane shoes. Still on the hunt for a baby sized hat that I can doctor up and make cute.

The Wicked Witch of the West has never been so cute!

Can't get this one to rotate. :(

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Adri Claire

Adrianna has been lots of fun lately. She is such a little ham and knows just how to get you to pick her up whenever she wants you to. Lately we have been working on crawling. She still can't quite figure it out. She can get up on all fours, but doesn't know what to do after that. Still no teeth, but I will be surprised if one doesn't pop up by the end of this week. Seems like she has been working on one the past few days, which means lots of fussing, fevers, drooling and chewing things. Her funniest habit right now reminds me off "nessie" in the Twilight books. When she wants you to come over to her, she reaches out towards you with one arm and tries to touch you. Its so funny. I always call her "ness" when she does it. I just wish she had the same gift (for all you twilight readers, you know what i mean). Anyway, here is our little doll. Sweet as can be.

What happens when you give a baby a basket of toys to play with?


Doing the "Nessie"

Pre School

We enrolled Anderson in pre school. Last night Lee and I went to parent orientation. It was a little surreal. Conferences, home visits, music programs, school carnival, can this be real?? Is it already that time???? Can he already be old enough for all this???? Wasn't he just born?? Crazy how time flies!

Here are a few pics of what our big boy has been up to lately.

new favorite hiding place


riding the merry-go-round at the carnival in Holton

riding the airplane ride at the holton carnival

cruisin for babes

Rub a Dub Dub 2 Babies in the Tub

Well, one baby and one "big boy" in the tub! First bath together. Anderson thought it was great to have someone else to dump water on. I asked, "who gets washed first?" and he said, "baby!" hmm, somehow I get the feeling he wasn't just trying to be nice. :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Lee and Bryan

Stumbled upon this cute pic of Lee and his brother, Bryan on facebook today. This was taken when they were in Tahoe a few weeks ago. I think they were having a little fun, huh??

So I post this pic on my blog, and when I go to check to make sure it posted, I realize that this cute picture of my sweet husband and his cute little brother has been ruined by a crazy man in the background.

Oh, wait, thats John Ayres!! Looks like he is having some fun too! (sara, if this embarasses you, i am soooo sorry.)

Friday, August 7, 2009

The Future Residence of the Leinwetters!!!!!!!!!

I am excited to announce that we have a signed contract on a house. We are set to close on October 2. We are thrilled! The house will be a great one to raise our family in. Our new address will be 3520 SW Alameda Drive. Here is a pic of our new place. And I can call it "our" because the papers are signed!!!! :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Kids Say the Darndest Things and Some Cute Anderson-isms.

So the other day we were coming home from a county fair in Holton, KS. It was like 10:30 at night, I thought surely Anderson would have been passed out from the car ride home, but no, he chit chatted the entire ride home. So anyway, I got him out of the car and as we started to walk inside he points to the sky and says, "thats heaven mommy." I said "what?" and he said again, "thats heaven mommy, up there in the stars." Talk about melting your heart away. I had to fight back the tears and then took the opportunity to tell Anderson about Jesus living there and share about God's love for us. It was a pretty cool conversation to have with your 2 year old. I am thankful for the chance to get to share that with him.

Some other cuteness that Anderson has been up to lately-

Hugs-he is in that cute stage where he runs full speed at you and then throws himself in your arms. LOVE IT! He also has to hug everyone in the room before he leaves to go anywhere.

"ok"- anderson follows every request with an "ok" as if his request was your idea in the first place.
the best way to describe this -ism is to give you an example of it. The conversation would go something like this...
Anderson- "mommy, i want a sucker"
Me- "you would like a sucker?"
Anderson- "anderson sucker. OK!"

trucks and tractors- he is obsessed. he can tell the difference between an excavator, dump truck, tow truck, pick up truck, tractors, lawn mowers, you name it, he knows it.

swimming- he has been a little fish this summer. it helps that there is a pool in the backyard! he loves to swim and even goes off the diving board.

gummies- he has gummy vitamins. he gets 2 every day and he will not let you forget to give them to him. he always likes to pick which color he gets. he usually chooses orange and pink.

those are some off the top of my head. i could share some other, not-so-cute habits he is in to right now, but i'm hoping those will pass soon! :)