Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What?? A blog update??

Where have I been?? I don't even know, but here's a MEGA update to make up for neglecting my far away friends and family of pics and updates on the Leinwetter crew.

Trip to aunt Susan's lakehouse at the end of the summer

Anderson went on his first train ride with Grandpa Larry, Dad, and Grandpa B. He thought it was pretty cool but Lee said he was too concerned about trying to see all the parts of the train moving to get a good pic.

Hay rack ride with Grandma Pam and Dad

Our biggest news is that Miss Adri Claire is potty trained! I always said I would try her at 22 months and when it came, I thought "is she really ready?" But she took to it like a champ. I'm so glad to be a diaper free house!!!!!! Its soooo nice!

Yes, she is sitting on the potty backwards. We've fixed that little "kink"

Family Fun night with some great friends and their kids. Our kids' first time to go bowling. They had a lot of fun. Anderson asks to go back all the time.

Anderson was an engineer and Adri was a ghost (her nickname is Boo so it was fitting!). My mom made her costume. She is so talented. I try to learn as much as I can from her. The week of Halloween, Adri had a trick-or-treat play group with her PAT (Parents As Teachers) group, then I took the kids to visit Lee's grandparents and we also visited Mimi at work and Grandma Pam at work in costumes. Then my parents hosted a trick-or-treat party with our friends, their kids, and their parents (grandparents). It was tons of fun!!

Anderson sported a wild mohawk for Cubbies crazy hair night. He was super proud of it. I didn't realize how long Anderson's hair was until I started the crazy hair process. Needless to say, he got a haircut the next day.

Funny story... (i didn't see this happen, my cousin who helps with Cubbies told me about it)

At the beginning of Cubbies, the leader picks a few kids to come to the front and say that weeks bible memory verse on the microphone. Anderson gets picked this week (the wild hair must have gotten him noticed). So he goes to the front and stands in line with the other 4 kids. First kid grabs the microphone, says his verse, the kids cheer, he steps off the stage. Next kid, same thing. Anderson is next. He grabs the microphone, the leader says, "Anderson can you tell us your memory verse?" Anderson takes a breath and then says into the microphone, "i love my mom and she made my hair real tall and orange." Then he hands the leader her microphone back and hops off the stage.

Bible verse, what?? Oh well, he enjoyed himself for sure!

And last, but certainly not least, a baby Kidd update...
First the fun news- Jen and Kurt had 2 names picked out and Jen just couldn't pick out "the one" so she left it up to Kurt. He tought about it for a while and chose. But instead of just telling her, he decided to buy a blanket off the registry and have it monogrammed. Isn't that cute??? So after 2 weeks of waiting, the blanket came. Here he is giving her the box.

Jenni is opening it. (yes she is in a hospital gown, more on that below)

And the winner is...

On a more serious note, Jenni went to the hospital Saturday night b/c she started massively bleeding. After a long few days, the bleeding has ceased. She and baby are currently stable, however, jenni's condition is critical. Most likely she will be in the hospital for the duration of her pregnancy. At this point, we don't know much. Only that the baby will be taken early, but not yet, and that Jen will have a c-section. In the grand scheme of things, this is good news. The baby is still thriving and growing inside which is what we want. Jen did get a round of steroids to help develop the babies lungs which will be crucial if she is born any time soon. What we DO know is that Jennifer and baby Emily are in God's hands. We have felt his presence every minute of this journey. Saturday night our famly experienced a true miracle as the baby seemed to be totally unaffected by the crisis going on around her. Praise GOD! Please pray for Jenni, Kurt and baby Emily. We have felt every single one of them for sure!

On Monday, Jennifer had a sono and the baby flashed the "a OK" hand signal.

What a sign from above!!!