Monday, January 28, 2008

Things I can do when I am 9 months old!

Being 9 months old is lots of fun! Here are a few of my latest tricks.

I can pull myself up on all of my toys, on anybody standing around me, on my dog and in my bed. I love to be able to greet mom as soon as she opens the door in the morning. I can also stand by myself for a few seconds and am getting more sturdy every day. Gma and Gpa L think I will be walking pretty soon.

I have 2 teeth and a few on the way!

I can feed myself.

I can crawl- mom said she would post a video of me in action soon!

And, I can "ham it up" for the camera (on cue)

My First Christmas

Finally, here are some highlights from my first Christmas.
Guess what... Santa is actually my grampy Anderson! He greeted us on Christmas morning with a HO HO HO and noisy sleigh bells (which I loved, but Macy the dog hated) and then passed out all of our presents. It was the best 1st Christmas ever!! Thanks Grammy and Grampy for a great holiday.