Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Big Girl Bed

Adri's big girl room is almost complete. Original? Not at all. Its straight from the catalog picture, but Pottery Barn makes things so cute, I just can't help but copy it! Adri loves the idea of having a "big girl" bed, however, staying in it, well, that's another story. Lets just say I am reminded CONSTANTLY of how different my 2 kids are from each other. Anderson thrives off of structure and rules to follow. Adri thrives off of breaking the rules and figuring out how to disrupt our (really her brother's) perfectly planned day. I could go on forever about how different they are, but that's a whole new post. Anyway, here is Miss Adri Claire's big girl room in the making. I bought a really cool old dresser and mirror that I will paint for her room. I also want to make a little reading corner for her and put a small table and chair set where she can have tea parties and play with her doll house someday. :)