Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Anderson!

So far we have had a great bday! Last night I blew up about 30 balloons to have all over when he woke up and made a banner for him to run through (like the one I made last year). He LOVED all of it. Here are some videos of our morning fun.

mom serenading him first thing this morning.

running through his banner

playing with balloons

Birthday Playdates

We had some kids over to play today. It was fun but a little crazy with 8 kids running around. I made some snacks and these cute little ice cream cone cupcakes decorated as what else but basketballs. These are my favorite way to eat a cupcake. My mom used to make these same treats for me to take to school when I was a kid so they brought back some fun memories.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Almost 2

Guess who turns 2 one week from today???

Rolly Polly

So at my bible study, there is a mom who has a baby girl born on the same day as Adri. She brings her to the group instead of leaving her in the nursery. So anyway, yesterday the baby was on the floor and rolling over all over the place. I thought, gee, I need to get Adri more tummy time, she is no where close to rolling over. I have been so bad about that with her. When Anderson was a baby, I was so good about giving him lots of tummy time. But with Adri, I just don't think about it. Well yesterday, I laid Adri down under her playmat and came back to see this. I'll be darned the girl rolled over on to her tummy.