Friday, November 20, 2009

Shootin Hoops

So lately our family has spent most of our time doing 2 things. 1- shootin hoops and 2- having dance parties in the family room. I will spare you vidoes of the dance parties, but here is Anderson showing off his skills.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


So I know it has been forever. Thank you to those of you who refuse to let me go too long without posting before you are sending me reminders and relentlessly asking about blog updates. :) OK!! Here! Here is what we have been up to.

KU football games. We had season tickets this year and got to go to all but one home game. It was fun even though KU has had far from a good season.

We've also been known to veg out at home and cheer on the Red Raiders.

In the beginning of October we said goodbye to Gma and Gpa L's basement living quarters. Here are the kiddos enjoyingsome sun on Gpa's front porch.

Anderson got a big boy bed and LOVES it. He loves his new room too. He insists on taking anyone that comes over to the house upstairs to see it.

A trip to Texas! One of my best friends god married in Austin on Oct 25th. It was a fun weekend getaway. The wedding was beautiful. She picked great bridesmaid dresses! I was pumped about having a dress to wear again sometime. :)

Carved some pumpkins and roasted our pumpkin seeds.

Dad and son club top secret meetings in the basement.

Adri is a very busy little bee. She is such a blessing to our family. She is one of those babies that just lights up a room. I pray that she can keep that spark as she grows up. I love that about her. She likes to tell us every opportunity she gets that she is "SOOOO BIG!" She has been trying out her walking feet for a while and just about has the hang of it. Watch out!!!!!!!!!!!

Anderson discovered a hidden treasure in the basemet. His train set that he got from uncle Bryan for his 2nd birthday. Score! "want to play trains with me mom?" I hear this question about 10 times a day. Of course the answer is always, yes. :)

Sometimes Macy likes to play trains too.

Halloween 2009

We had a couple of friends over for dinner and some trick or treating on halloween night. The kids had The Wizard of Oz theme going on. The kids had a blast getting candy. Anderson realized after a few houses in that if he grabbed with his own hands instead of letting the people at the door hand it out, he got a lot more. Luckily people thought it was cute. Everyone excpet for his mom of course. Manners PLEASE!

My mom, dad and aunt Linda escaped from the nursing home and decided to pay us a quick visit before the nusring home staff came looking for them! It was soooo funny to have them come surprise us at our party. We got the biggest kick out of it. Anderson kept pointing to my mom and saying "uh oh, your hair!"

Here's the kid crew

Dorothy, Wicked Witch and Lion

Eating some candy!

Trick or Treating with AJ who was actually a deviled egg but left the egg part at home. It was a cute costume idea. Kurt and Jen won the costume prize.