Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Anderson lately has really been loving Adri. It is so precious. Talk about melting a moms heart. The other day, I was laying Adri down for a nap and he says, "wait mommy, wait. I want to tell Boo (thats what he calls her) night night." So he meets me in the hall reaches up to kiss her and says "night Boo, i love you." This recent attention from Anderson couldn't make Adri any happier. It absolutely thrills her to get attention from him which makes this all the more precious. This past weekend we were at Lee's grandparent's house and Adri was walking from person to person (mostly just to get the over zealous praise from her adoring fans). She was hestating to walk to the next person and when Anderson saw this, he stepped in and held out his arms to her. She lit up like no other and drunken cowboy walked right over to him. He grabbed her and said "good job boo!" She had a grin from ear to ear. I have seriously never seen her so happy. So maybe you had to be there, but it was the cutest thing ever. I hope that they become great friends as they grow up. I love to see Anderson look after Adri and I love to see her look up to him.

These aren't from the same day, but since that day, they have done this quite a bit.

Drunk cowboy walk.

Walking to Bubby

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