Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Need a Good cry?

And I mean that, so don't continue reading this blog unless you are prepared.
This story has stolen my heart. I shared it with a few of you on Facebook b/c I want you to go to facebook and become a fan of Ruffle Butts. If you do this, they will donate $1 to Layla and her family. Please go do this!

This story has grabbed my heart for so many reasons. But one thing is that I am just in awe of this little girl's parents and their amazing faith in our God in heaven. They give him all the glory for her life however short it is and recognize the true gift they have in Layla.

So, read on. If you dare.


The Connaughton's said...

Oh my a "good cry" I have not stopped yet! I can't even imagine the pain of losing your heart truly hurts now!

Sammie said...

well you know how this has affected me...I check their blog several times a day and find myself bursting into tears from time to time when I think about what they are going through...