Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Lee and I have been so blessed with some great friends. I don't really miss living in Wichita, or at least our lifestyle there, but if I can say one good thing about it, it is that we made some of the greatest friends. Friends that I truly and dearly miss. Tonight, one of those families came for a visit and it was a blast! Heather and I met at a garage sale in our neighborhood of all places. They lived down the street from us and we were at a neighbor's sale. We were both pregnant and had little boys and when we started talking realized that we were due within a week of one another and our boys were 2 weeks apart. It was just a friendship meant to be. Our boys are great friends (one of Anderson's only male friends) and all of us adults enjoy eachother as couples as well. Here are a few cute shots of the boys playing. I sadly didn't get any pics of Adri and Logan, but honestly, Brendan and Anderson kind of stole the show tonight.

Bath Time and Play doh madness. Yes, I let the colors mix!!

This picture pretty much somes up the night.

Adri was pooped after all the action. Here she is chillin out which is a very rare occassion around the Leinwetter household.

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