Thursday, June 18, 2009

For the Love!!!!!!!!

So it is final, we are NOT new home owners. The sellers accepted our last offer from May. But then they came back and said that we HAD to close by June 30th or they wanted $1000 more. Turns out that its darn near impossible to close in 2 weeks so we made an offer to buy the house and close on July 10th but we wanted to take possession on the 25th and pay them rent for the days that we were in the house before closing. Well, all this time they are accepting other offers on the house (which shouldn't be allowed since the house was "under contract" and quite frankly makes me upset but what can I do about it? Nothing) and so the sellers were basically just playing us until they got a better deal from one party or the other. So they took the other offer b/c they weren't wanting to take possession before closing like we were. ANNOYING!!!!!!!!!! However, I am glad that I won't have to deal with the most irrational people in the world anymore. Seriously, this guy wanted to add $100 to the asking price of the home b/c of the amount of lightbulbs that he was leaving with the house. Need I say more about being irrational???

Looking on the bright side, Lee and I have a great basement to live in at his parents house. They live on a lake and have a pool. What else could I ask for in a summer home??? Live in grandparents, well got that too! This is also a huge answer to our prayers about this house. We have been praying for God to make this decision for us obvious and since we have done everything in our control to get this house and it isn't working out, I know that God has better plans for us. I was actually more relieved that it didn't go through so that tells me something too.

I guess it was a jinx to post about the house afterall so in the future, don't expect to see any posts about a house until we have closed on it! ;)

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