Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sono tomorrow!

I have an ultrasound scheduled for tomorrow so MAYBE we will find out what we are having. If it is a boy, we would most likely be able to tell. Girls are more difficult to tell b/c at this stage, you have to have a perfect angle to determine the parts and any of you with experiences with sonograms know that that usually never happens when you want it to. I am really 50/50 on this one. It could be either and I won't be surprised. Lee's guess is girl. We have a boy name picked out for sure, but we keep debating between 2, sometimes 3 girl names. If it is a girl, I have a lot of sewing projects planned. :) Sewing for boys just isn't as exciting. Speaking of sewing, here is a cute dress that I made for our friend's little girl, Gaby. She just turned 1 a few weeks ago. I have made a few others too and have been making a lot of diaper pouches lately. Really cute ones!!! My plan for a girl is to learn how to make bitty booties (follow link below). They are sooooo adorable! I will post the blog if we get any news tomorrow. Say a little prayer for us!

Bitty Booties-


Elizabeth H. said...

CUTE!!! Love the fabric and the armholes look great!

Gaby said...

Hey! There's the dress! We love it Laura! Gaby's received so many compliments on it too! We'll be anxiously waiting to find out what you guys will be having! Sounds like your pregnancy is going well! Love, Sara