Friday, June 13, 2008


Well, no news as to what we are having :(, but we have a due date!!!!

December 16th is our official date.

Its my dad's birthday too! I haven't even had a chance to tell him yet since he is at work, but I know he will be excited. So I am guessing in the next few weeks, I will be begging Lee to take me up to his clinic and do a sono so we can find out what we are having. I will tell you that I predict a very active child. The kid didn't stop moving the entire sonogram. It was all over the place. One cute picture the lady took (see below) looks like the baby is praying. I am thinking it is telling me to start praying since it is going to be my wild child. I attached a few pics from the sono, but we didn't get any really good ones this time. :(

profile shot


praying arms and hands

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