Monday, June 23, 2008


This adorable little bit showed up at our house Sunday when we got home from church. She is the sweetest little thing. We have put out signs and called the shelters but no one is looking for her. I assume she was dumped, as we get a lot of dumped dogs around our neighborhood. Small town, family neighborhood, of course someone will pick it up! Well, we did. I am getting really attached to her. How can you not, look at her! She is so cute and such a good little girl. We named her Mia. Lee even thinks she is "cool," which says a lot since he is not a small dog person. But, Macy is our baby and I think she feels a little jealous b/c she so badly wants to be a 5 pound lap dog like Mia but she is just too big. So every time Mia jumps in our laps, Macy just stares at us with those sweet puppy dog eyes like she is thinking "that should be ME." So in all fairness to my Macy May, we have decided that if she is still not claimed by Wednesday, my grandma Enid will adopt her. This little girl has no idea how lucky she is to get to go to such a great home. My grandma will be home all day to love on her and spoil her rotten with biscotti for breakfast and a lap to cuddle in all day!

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