Tuesday, June 10, 2008

All is well

Anderson had surgery today to get ear tubes. Everything went great. He was pretty good (just tired since we woke up at 5 AM!). Before surgery in the pre-op room, they gave him some Vercet, a drug to help him "relax." Anderson acted like he was drunk. He kept laughing and clapping his hands. And then he would spin his head around like he was dizzy. It was pretty funny. When we met him in the post-op room, literally 15 minutes after they took him back (it was sooooo fast) he was really mad and disoriented. He screamed until we got to the peds floor and while I was walking him around the halls to try and get him to calm down, he spotted a toy car that he could ride in. Like a light switch, the crying stopped and he reached for the car and said "mah" which is his word for "I want it." So I put him in it and he was a happy boy the rest of the time. He slept a lot today and has been fussier than usual, so we are hoping to get our Mr. Happy back tomorrow.

This is Anderson in his car. Bad pic quality b/c I took this on my phone.

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