Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pre School

We enrolled Anderson in pre school. Last night Lee and I went to parent orientation. It was a little surreal. Conferences, home visits, music programs, school carnival, can this be real?? Is it already that time???? Can he already be old enough for all this???? Wasn't he just born?? Crazy how time flies!

Here are a few pics of what our big boy has been up to lately.

new favorite hiding place


riding the merry-go-round at the carnival in Holton

riding the airplane ride at the holton carnival

cruisin for babes


Coverse to the Oscars said...
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Sara A. said...

Gaby's preschool teacher did a home visit last week - so I know how you feel - I got a HUGE packet of info and I couldn't believe all that is involved for a 2 year old preschool program!! I can't believe they're growing up so fast!! And no, I don't feel ready for this!! It will be great though!