Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Kids Say the Darndest Things and Some Cute Anderson-isms.

So the other day we were coming home from a county fair in Holton, KS. It was like 10:30 at night, I thought surely Anderson would have been passed out from the car ride home, but no, he chit chatted the entire ride home. So anyway, I got him out of the car and as we started to walk inside he points to the sky and says, "thats heaven mommy." I said "what?" and he said again, "thats heaven mommy, up there in the stars." Talk about melting your heart away. I had to fight back the tears and then took the opportunity to tell Anderson about Jesus living there and share about God's love for us. It was a pretty cool conversation to have with your 2 year old. I am thankful for the chance to get to share that with him.

Some other cuteness that Anderson has been up to lately-

Hugs-he is in that cute stage where he runs full speed at you and then throws himself in your arms. LOVE IT! He also has to hug everyone in the room before he leaves to go anywhere.

"ok"- anderson follows every request with an "ok" as if his request was your idea in the first place.
the best way to describe this -ism is to give you an example of it. The conversation would go something like this...
Anderson- "mommy, i want a sucker"
Me- "you would like a sucker?"
Anderson- "anderson sucker. OK!"

trucks and tractors- he is obsessed. he can tell the difference between an excavator, dump truck, tow truck, pick up truck, tractors, lawn mowers, you name it, he knows it.

swimming- he has been a little fish this summer. it helps that there is a pool in the backyard! he loves to swim and even goes off the diving board.

gummies- he has gummy vitamins. he gets 2 every day and he will not let you forget to give them to him. he always likes to pick which color he gets. he usually chooses orange and pink.

those are some off the top of my head. i could share some other, not-so-cute habits he is in to right now, but i'm hoping those will pass soon! :)

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Sammie said...

Oh we miss Anderson! Natalie saw his picture today in her room and hugged it. *sigh* (kinda teared up)