Monday, August 24, 2009

2 Teefers, Happy Birthday Daddy, and Hanging out at Gage Park

Adri woke up saturday morning with not 1 but 2 teeth! Here she is in all her teething glory! Such a big girl!

Lee Celebrated the big 3-0 on Saturday. He went golfing in the morning with his brother and a friend from Wichita and then we had dinner with his parents that night. Sunday we went to Lawrence to celebrate with his gma, gpa and aunts and uncles.

Adri tried some of gpa's homemade ice cream and really loved it!

Eating cupcakes and ice cream and opening gifts

Anderson decided that using his hands was too messy so he just dug in with his face!

We have been going to Gage Park a lot lately. Its lots of fun. There is a train that you can ride all the way around the park, a lot of playground equipment and a carousel. Anderson loves when we get to go. We went a few weeks ago with grandma and grandpa L and last Friday with Mimi. Here are some snapshots of our time there.

Anderson with his Mimi just after boarding the train (no he is NOT picking his nose. I promise.)

Self portrait of the whole gang

With Grandma L on the Carousel


Natalie said...

You should keep having lots of babies because they are so stinking cute. Seriously, I just want to pinch both of their little cheeks!!

Love Adri's costume and can't wait to see the finished product!

Sara A. said...

Laura, Adri is sooooo adorable! I think she's looking more and more like you as she gets older!! Her Halloween costume is precious!! I wish I had your creative talents!!