Monday, June 28, 2010

We had a crazy, crazy weekend but it was tons of fun. Friday night we hung out at my mom and dad's house, Saturday I hosted a baby shower for my cousin/friend who is having a baby in August. Then we went to the water park with some friends and their kids and Saturday night had a date with another couple. We saw Knight and Day. IT WAS GOOD!!! GO SEE IT!!!! Sunday after church we went to Lee's parents and hung out with his aunt who was in town with her grand-daughter, Tessa. Grandma E was there too. Sunday night we went to the church's summer baptism at my aunt and uncles house and finally got home at 8:45. We caught our breath for a few minutes and went straight to bed. WHEW!!!

lately, my kids are impossible to photograph. this is the sole reason i have not posted to my blog in a while.

Sweet Tessa, who is as of 6 days ago, a new big sister!

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