Tuesday, April 27, 2010

forgot to post this a while ago!

This was a video of Anderson's birthday pancakes. He LOVED getting to have Happy Birthday sung to him. I had to do it like 4 times after this, each time re-lighting the candle and each time, he sang along too! It was to cute. Having a 3 year old is so much fun. Anderson is quite the ham. He talks non-stop and says the funniest things. I can't even keep track of it all.

His John Deere birthday party was adorable. My friend Sammie took pics of the event. You can view them HERE. Sammie and her crew came up for the event and I just loved seeing her again. We were practically glued together in Wichita and I will admit it been hard to find a friend as good as her here in T town. We stayed up til 2 or so in the morning the night before the party frosting the cake (yes, I made that!!! i am so proud of myself) and cupcakes, and just chit chatting away. It was sooooo good to have her and her family here.

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