Monday, April 12, 2010

Big Boy!

Anderson is 3! I can't even believe it. He is so proud of being 3. It is so funny to see him tell people how old he is. I love the stage he is in right now. He is sooo funny and just a lot of fun. Lately he loves The Backyardigans, John-ga-Deere (John Deere), trains (of course, Thomas), going to preschool and bossing the dog around (the only thing that will let him). he says the most hilarious things. Last week he said,

"mom, I am going to say lets go to Starbucks and you say yes, ok?"

he announces the color of his pee, and the number of poos he puts in the potty, every time he goes. He is very independent with the potty. Almost too independent.

He likes to take rests, not naps.

He loves pre school and is learning so much.

He is still a cuddle bug and loves to rock at night. But only if you tickle his arms while you rock him. and don't even think about stopping the tickle for more than a second or two.

He loves the "zachius song" and "bop bop dinosaur" songs. he knows all the words!

On his actual birthday, we had grandparents and AJ and Kurt over for pizza and presents. He picked out a cake from Baskin Robbins (mmmmmmm!) and was very proud of it.
We had a John Deere birthday party for him Saturday and that was lots of fun too! I will post pics of that soon. Well... one of these days. :)

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Kate said...

He is just TOO sweet Laura!! Happy birthday Anderson!!