Monday, January 18, 2010

Adri's Birthday Party

Adri's 1st birthday party was on Dec 14th. It turned out super cute. She had a blast and so did big brother and cousin, Ella who got to help open presents. Here are a few shots from the party.

The spread.

Happy Birthday to me!

Cousin Ella, Adri and Anderson ready for some cupcakes

Eating the cupcake, one sprinkle at a time

MMM! This cake is great! Almost as good as that lollipop they gave me a few weeks ago.

She loved opening gifts but took it very seriously.

Her first set of pearls. So sweet!

Adri loved her pink pony

Ella couldn't wait to try out the pony (the gift she picked out "just for Adri")

More to come. I am off to bed for now.

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