Monday, December 14, 2009


(kc, you will be able to relate to this moment!)

So I was waiting in the car loop on Friday to pick Anderson up from school. As his teacher brought him out to the car, I noticed he had quite the bruiser on his cheek. I thought maybe he fell or something so when they got to the car I said "wow anderson, looks like you took a tumble today." the teacher told me that actually he got scratched by a kid in another class while playing at recess. When I looked closer I saw that yes, those were definitely fingernail scratches on BOTH of his cheeks. They were pretty nasty. I was a little upset with the situation (i had lots os questions- why didn't I get a phone call? how was the situation handled at school? what did anderson do when it happend? did he instigate the feud?) but I am very careful not to talk about my kids in front of them so I got the basic info from the teacher and left it at that.

Well.... on the way home I was asking Anderson about the incident.
Was it Jackson? "no, not Jackson."
Was it Courtney? (this is his favorite girl he told me once), "no mom not Courtney."
he said "A different girl, mom."
A different girl? "yes, different one"

then he kept saying "chocolate."

Oh, did they give you a piece of chocolate b/c you were sad??
"no mom", he said, "chocolate girl. chocolate girl."
So I was a bit confused until it dawned on me what he meant. Anderson, I ask, did she have brown skin? like her arms and hands?

"yes, chocolate girl scratch me."

oh dear, what do you do????

At least it wasn't in public or in front of her parents!


Elizabeth H. said...

I'm sorry he got scratched - but that really is so precious!!!

Hollie said...

that is cute!

Hollie said...

I remember when Taylor was little he called a little boy "brown". My sister asked him what color he (Taylor) was and he said I'm peach. :)

Sammie said...

this is so cute...oh the things we get to experience as parents!

Jenny said...

That reminds me of when my mom was in preschool and her one African-American kid was out of the other kids asked, "Where's that boy? The one with brown all over his face?"

Jenny said...

That should say she was "teaching" preschool.