Friday, February 20, 2009

2nd haircut...much better

Well after anderson's first hair cut, I have been doing my best to trim it up at home and save myself from the embarassment of taking him back to my hair stylist and try and hold him down while he throws a royal fit. But yesterday, we took Anderson for another stab at the haircut thing. We went to good old Great Clips this time and he did great! I talked to him about what we were going to do and what would happen and he seemed to take all the action a litte better since he knew what was going on. The lady did a great job with him and let him use the squirt bottle to spray mom and dad which he loved doing. Here are a few pics from the big event.
Meeting the stylist
oh yeah, the lollipop totally worked this time too!

Squirting mom with the water bottle

Mr. Handsome the next morning with his new hair style. Mom put gel and mousse in it.

Anderson likes his new hairdo. He keeps looking at himself in the mirror today.
He looks so cute if I do say so myself!

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Hollie said...

Anderson looks so grown up in this picture! Quite the handsome little man!