Monday, November 24, 2008

1st hair cut

Anderson's first hair cut was (to say the least) a DISASTER! I made an appointment for him in the late morning which is usually his happy time. I armed myself with candy, lolipops and juice boxes and headed off to the salon. We got there a little early (i know, laura...early...hahaha) and walked around. He was happy as a clam. BUT, as soon as that kid sat in the chair, he started screaming bloody murder. We had him sit in my lap but that didn't help at all. She cut the moppy top and sides pretty well but then came the electric clippers. I don't know why I didn't step in and tell her that I could clip the back on my own. I have done it several times before, but for some reason I just let her do it. Every time she came near the back of his head with the clippers, he would buck back thus making the contact point of the clippers with is head much higher than intended. So one bad swoop lead to another which lead to her trying to even it up and before you knew it we were up to an ear lobe on one side (dumb and dumber style). So I decided that it would look better to be uneven than have both sides up to his earlobes and well folks, here you have it..

PS- I HATE OU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jennifer said...

AHHH!!! I love all the new posts! At least from the front his hair cut looks normal. I hate OU too. How painful was that game!!

Erika said...

oh my gosh! This is hilarious!!! Poor anderson :) It looks cute from the front though!!