Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sono today!

I went in for a 4d sono today and it was lots of fun. Our little girl was so sweet. She smiled several times during the sono and we discovered that she likes to suck her toes! It was really neat to see her for the last time until she is born. :) I am in love! We were a little shocked to find out that she already weighs 3 and a half pounds. So I am either having a huge baby (my mom had big babies) or my due date is a little off (I have suspected this all along) . Today the sonographer estimated a delivery date of Dec 1. That fits closer to what I would have guessed, but since it is just at 2 weeks before my latest due date, they won't officially change it. I am a little freaked out b/c this means I only have 8 weeks and 6 days until I am a mother of 2. YIKES!!!!!!! I just worry about being a good mom to both of my kids and keeping my sanity during the first few months (and years). I think the reality of it all is hitting me now and to be perfectly honest, I'M SCARED!!!!!!!! I think with your first, you get more and more excited as your due date approaches b/c you are clueless and have no idea what is about to hit you. But with #2, you are more terrified as you get closer to "d day" b/c you know EXACTLY what is about to hit you. Anyway, here is our sweet baby. Her daddy got to do part of the sono and actually caught the smile! Go dad!

Smiling for dad.

Right side of face.

This was Anderson at 28 weeks. We can't decide if they look alike.

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Jennifer said...

She's beautiful! I can't wait to meet her!!! Have you guys picked a name? Love you!