Sunday, December 2, 2007

Trip to the Caymans!

Lee and I had a wonderful time on our vacation to the Caymans the first week in November. We went with Lee's great friend John and his wife, Sara who also have a baby Anderson's age so it was nice to have someone else there to cope with the separation. Let's just say, nexy vacation may be about 3 days shorter. 7 days is just too long to leave your little one for the first time. Anderson did fine. Me, I was fine until about Thursday. Anyway, the trip was a blast and here are some pics from it. We spent a lot of time at happy hours around the island. My new favorite drink is Cayman Lemonade (kind of like a cherry vodka sour only much much better). We did a lot of snorkeling and saw some really great coral and cool fish. A highlight of the trip was our trip to Stingray City. This is a shallow sandbar in the middle of the ocean where stingrays like to come and sun. We got on a catamaran which took us to the stingrays. What people often misunderstand about stingrays is that they are actually very gentle animals. I might compare them to cats. They love to be pet and rub up against you. Anyway, at Stingray City, we got to pet the rays, hold them and feed them squid. It was soooo cool.


Elizabeth H. said...

How fun!! It looks beautiful there! I'll have to get tips from you when we take an away trip from Caroline.

Patrick Anderson said...

Laura and Lee -
You have a nice blog going on here. Great job. You both have so much to be proud of and thankful for. May God continue to bless your wonderful family with the gifts of love, health and happiness.
With Love,
Patrick and Sharon