Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My version of a popluar repurposing trend

So a while ago I ran across this adorable play kitchen that a grandma had made from an old TV stand. "How CUTE!" I thought. And then the next dreaded words came right out of my mouth... "I can do THAT."

Famous last words...
This summer I scavenged around garage sales and goodwill looking for the perfect TV stand and one day, I found this beauty-

$10. Yes, I'll take it! This is when the DIY gods started laughing their tails off. If there is one thing I learned from this project, its that repurposing is WAY OVERRATED. WWWWAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY overrated!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I said at least a hundred times while spending precious time "tweaking" things on this old TV stand that this would have been a million times easier if I would have just started from scratch. But I didn't. And by the time I realized it, I was in too deep to turn back. So away I plugged at this little project and after about 60 hours total, I ended up with this adorable kitchen for my cutie patootie. I am pretty sure the DIY gods have stopped laughing. :)

I cannot wait for Adri to see this Christmas morning. She is going to LOVE it!!!!!

Special thanks to Grandpa B and Dave Clark for their help!!!!! Without all the right tools, I could have never made this. :)

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Kate said...

super cute!! You did a great job! Yeah, I'm not a big repurposer either....I always am thinking about the TIME is money factor! lol!!