Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Christmas 2010

Yes, we did celebrate Christmas this year, and since it is now February, I thought I should maybe add our Christmas 2010 memories to the blog! We had a wonderful Christmas this year. Being close to family makes it so nice because we can be home and still see all our families. We trade off which family we spend Christmas with each year. It was a Leinwetter Christmas so we spent Christmas Eve with Lee's family and also Christmas day, but my family came over Christmas morning (since we wouldn't see them the rest of the day) and got to watch the kids open Santa gifts. Next year we will switch families and spend Christmas Eve and Day with MY family and Lee's parents/brother will come over for Santa gifts. Anyway, I didn't get a ton of pics b/c I was too busy enjoying the festivities and sadly, we did not get a single family photo this year. NOT ONE!!!! :(

Christmas Eve

Lee and Adri before church service


Anderson got a Lionel train track and table to play with at Gma and Gpa Leinwetters house. He was pretty pumped.

Pam and I still aren't sure that this train set wasn't really for Lee and Larry. :)

Christmas Morning (heads up- my family wears matching Christmas jammies. I know it may seem wierd to some of you, but its a tradition that is special to my mom, my sister and me, and so the guys appease us and wear their jammies too!)

spotting the goodies

Gettin started

My parents gave our family a pop-a-shot basketball game. It was inspired by Anderson's love of the game, but we all enjoy it a lot!! I see many years of hoops being played by our kids and their friends in the future.

An attempt at a group photo after the gifting was over.

Christmas day
I took 0, yes, ZERO, pictures of Christmas day celebrations. Lee took maybe 5. Note to self, take more pics of Christmas day next year.
Grandpa E sneaking in a Sprite for Adri

Adri playing poker with the guys! She was betting with cookies and gumdrops!

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