Wednesday, December 15, 2010

If you can't tell, I'm smitten with this girl!

2 years ago, a little drop of sunshine entered our lives and she's been shining ever since! I had no clue how much impact this baby girl would have on my life- my personal life, my marriage, my motherhood, everything, but looking back on the past 2 years, I am so thankful for the gift of Miss Adrianna Claire. She is truly a gift from God. I thank God for allowing me the pleasure of raising her. I thank God for the way he has used her to change me, change her daddy, change the ways in which I prioritize my marriage and my fmaily, change the way I see my own mom, change the way I experience God. Yes, all of this in one little bundle of pink sunshine!!!

So, here she is, my precious (not so much) baby girl at age 2!

Happy 2nd Birthday Adrianna Claire Leinwetter!

Sweet baby girl, we love you more than you can ever know!

Irresistible dimples! This is the first thing everone notices about her. Even at birth, when the nurse handed her to me, she said, "look! she has dimples!" Proof she's an angel. :)

This is the sh** eating grin (sorry, but there is no other word for it).

The (semi)pigtails

Her "bubby" as she calls him! She loves this kid to death!

Best Friends


Laura said...

Oh my goodness! Cutest pictures ever! I love her outfit. I love you post too!

Kate said...

you have the most gorgeous babies!!! Happy Birthday A!!