Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Some inspiration for my Mommy friends

My MOPS group started this month and has been amazing so far. Last week we had a stay at home mom come and talk with us about Time Management and Motherhood. It was awesome!! She really challenged us to take a deep look at our days and figure out what we are really spending our time on and if, in the eternal perspective, those things REALLY mattter. She shared this quote with us and I just love it. The first 4 words and the last part, I keep repeating to myself over and over again.

"Busyness is not Godliness. God is not impressed with your production capacity as much as He is concerned that the product of your home - your own children - be chiseled and molded and perfected to the best of your ability. You may tire of this mundane task, but the Lord admonishes you not to grow weary and promises to supply the energy and strength as needed in this all-important task (Isaiah 40:28-31). God's strength is for what He plans for you to do - not stamina for everything you might want to do."
- Dorothy Patterson

I love all my mommy friends (and the non mommy ones too) and think that we all need a little perspective check once in a while. :)

And I leave you with this great video of advice mom's would give themselves if they could go back to before they had kids.


Kate said...

and I'm teary. you got me Laura! That video is awesome!

Laura said...

That was a nice post! Love the video!!