Wednesday, March 24, 2010

We had a blast enjoying the BEAUTIFUL day yesterday. A friend of mine and I hauled our kiddos up to Kansas City to eat at Fritz's Grill in Crown Center. It is an old school place where a train brings your food to the table! So fun. The kids loved it. There were trains everywhere. I don't think the kids ate much b/c they were so excited to be surrounded by trains.

After that we went outside to the fountains. My friend and I were chit chatting while the little ones tottled around and the big kids played by the fountain. Next thing I know, I look over and Anderson has his pants and underwear around his ankles and is bending over trying to get his shoes off. I wanted to die. I ran over to him (praying that he wasn't trying to pee) and asked what he was doing and he said, "i go swimming!" I had to laugh, and so did everyone else out there (and trust me there were a lot of people out there). We put his pants back on and took the shoes and socks off and away he went. The kid is a fish, I just know it.

We visited a cool Fairy Tale Exhibit and ate some ice cream and headed back home. It was a great day and makes this rainy one seem a lot more tolerable.

I am thankful for the good friends Lee and I have met here in Topeka and pray our friendships continue to grow.

Here is a cute pic that the newspaper took

the caption said- Anderson Leinwetter of Topeka, 3, looked as if he was conducting the water of the fountains at Crown Center Square. After a cold winter, people around were out enjoying the sun and mild temperatures

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Kate said...

oh how super cute!! Jealous that you're so close to KC!! :)

Laura said...

We had so much fun with you guys that day! We will do it again soon!