Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mild Case of the "I wants"

So I am thinking about all the things I want right now and since I can't go buy everything I want, every time I want something, the next best thing to do is blog about it.

Now, before you go thinking I am an ungrateful brat...
I LOVE my life. I am blessed with a wonderful husband, 2 beautiful children and loving extended families. I couldn't ask for a better life. I am grateful for all that God has blessed me with. He has given me more than enough to be thankful for. This is simply a wish list of things that I have been keeping my mind on purchasing lately.

Top of my list- This baby food maker. SOOOOOO cool. WANT IT!!!!!
It does everything for you. Steams, purees, cooks, defrosts (if you put already frozen puree in it). You can use fruits, veggies and even meats! I think its a pretty cool gadget.

A king sized bed and new bedroom furniture. Not the one picture. I couldn't find one that I wanted on the internet. (I know, I don't even have a house to put it in. Lee reminds me of this everytime I mention a new "I want")

A new car seat for Adri. She is in a temporary until we pick one out. I got Anderson the Britax Roundabout, but am thinking about the Marathon for Adri. It will last her longer.

A cute swimsuit that will make me look like the bikini models in Victorias Secret cataolg. :) Ok, so thats far fetched, but at least something that can conceal the fact that I have had 2 kids and my tum tum just isn't quite as flat as it used to be.

Diamond earrings, pretty, sparkly, big ones! :)

Eyeglasses. Yep, its time. I went to the optometrist a month or two ago just like I do every year and every time I go, everything is great, see you next year. Well this time, they handed me a small peice of paper and said "here's your prescription." What?? Prescription for what? You mean, I need glasses??? No, I could see everything just fine, I swore I was doing great. Apparently not. Lee even told me that he was thinking that I needed them lately. He just didn't want to say anything. What a dear!

Thats all...

For now ;)


Kate said...

you are so cute! I have a friend that has that babyfood maker and LOVES IT! I may have to invest! :) Fun list!

Hollie said...

I want that baby food maker too! I saw it at Williams and Sonoma! And I have glasses very similar to those. I love wearing them around the house! One day you are gonna get you a bedroom suite and you will love it! I love ours...it's a very good investment. We will have it forever! Just get something with a timeless look!

Elizabeth H. said...

That baby food maker is so cool!! I saw the video at Williams Sonoma - its amazing! One day you will have the perfect house for all your new wants! It won't be long. And until then... remind Lee that you already have ears for the earrings. No need to wait on those, right??

Derek and Jenny said...

I got the baby food maker for a shower gift (nice huh?) I will let you know how it works!!