Monday, March 30, 2009

SNOW!! Yes, at the end of March!

Anderson's first snow came this weekend. We bundled him up and went outside with him to play in the snow and can you guess what he wanted to do? Yep, play basketball. Seriously, all this snow and the kid wants to shoot hoops. We eventually coaxed him into a sled ride and snowball fight and even got a snowman built.

this was the lake behind our house. it was so beautiful with the ice and since it was still warm out, the lake was not melted. i am not usually a scenery person, but even i was blown away by how pretty it was.

Adri loves sitting in her bumbo seat so she can get in on all of Anderson's action and the things going on during the day (the ceiling and floor get old i am sure). Yesterday, bless her little heart, she fell asleep sitting in it.

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Jennifer said...

cute pics!!!! It looks like macy is going to attack the snow man!