Monday, December 15, 2008

Baby pictures and update!

Life with 2 has been quite an adjustment! We are doing ok though. Anderson has taken on the big brother roll like a champ. He is pretty much oblivious to Adrianna except for the ocassional point and "baby" comment. My mom has been here and is helping a lot with distracting him while I need to give Adri my attention. This morning he hopped in bed with me just as I finished feeding the baby and the 3 of us snuggled up together. It was so precious! (picture below) Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers. I hope you enjoyed the pictures from the last post. My cousin was able to update the blog for us while we were in the hospital. Thanks Amanda!

Coming home from the hospital. This was the same outfit I wore when I came home from the hospital. My mom brought Adri her first corsage to wear.

Grandpa A's first look

A visit from Aunt Nancy (dressed in pink for the occassion) and Uncle Rob. Thanks for driving all the way down to visit!!!!!

AJ made this cute sign to hang on our hospital room door.

Great Gma and Gpa Bryan's first loook. Thank you for driving all the way to Wichita to see us!

dad driving to the hospital

Grandma and Grandpa L's first look

3 men who will soon be wrapped around that little girl's finger! (lee with his dad and brother)

Mimi's first look. She said that Adri looks just like I did when I was a newborn.The Anderson girls just after delivery. Smile on my face = glad she's finally here!

Snuggle time in bed. Pardon the bed head!


Elizabeth H. said...

Such sweet pictures!!

Jennifer said...

I love the pictures! How do you look so pretty after all of that work?!?!? I love the pic of the three of you in bed. What a sweet family!

Kate said...

Just gorgeous!!!! :)