Thursday, October 30, 2008


Anderson will be a lion for halloween this year. Luckily he doesn't mind his costume. We tried to get costume pics at a studio, but that didn't work out so well (it was nap time), so Lee and I took him to a church pumpkin sale and tried to get some pics. Unfortunately, pumpkins happen to look a lot like balls and Anderson was going crazy. He wanted to pick them all up and throw them and just couldn't get over how many balls there were just laying around. It was pretty funny. Here are the best shots we could get. We will try again tomorrow when its the real thing.

Hanging from my basketball goal, ready to go see some pumpkins

Sensory overload. Which one do I grab first?

This is serious business.

He also had his 18 month well child check up 2 weeks ago. He weighed 26lbs 13oz and was 34 inches tall. Needless to say we have a tall little boy on our hands!

In baby news, we have narrowed it down to 2 names. One I like better, one Lee likes better, but we both like eachother's names too so we will just see who gets to pick once she is born. Anderson can say both of the names (even though he says my favorite better which I think means we should pick it!) She feels a lot bigger than Anderson ever did and moves a lot more too. I will be surprised if we make it to our due date, but it would be neat to have her on my dad's bday, so if we do, thats great! I start my every week appointments on Nov 19th. We will know more then and I will be sure to update the blog with any info.


Hollie said...
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Hollie said...

Where did Anderson get those full pouty lips? He makes one adorable lion!

Jennifer said...

Anderson is the cutest lion I have EVER SEEN! Happy Halloween!