Monday, August 18, 2008

New Carpet, yea!! NO baby name, AHHH!!!

Today we are getting new carpet installed in the house. It looks soooooo good. The guys came this morning and have been working hard. I will post pics when my house is put back together! Yea for new carpet! It makes me so happy! :)

What doesn't make me happy is that we cannot pick a baby name for our little peanut. I am frustrated b/c I can't seem to get excited about having a girl b/c I need a name for her. We are thinking about Kate Elizabeth. This would be her name if she was born tomorrow. Everyone in our families like this name, and we do to, but we aren't set on it yet. With a last name like Leinwetter, its hard to find a name that goes. Lee really likes the name Lauren, and I do too, but it is too much like Laura. So it has been vetoed at least for a first name. We also like the name Blake, but its more popular for a boy name (even though we both like it better for a girl). There are a few others we are indifferent to, (Camden, Madeline, Hannah, can't think of the others) but I would like to find a name that we both really love and that goes with our strange last name. So.... this is my plea to you to help us find a name for our baby! Suggestions please!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe after we get some good suggestions, we will add a name poll to the blog and people can vote on their favorite name. :)


Natalie said...

ohhh, I love the name Madeline, but I'm in the same boat with you as Laura... Madeline, Natalie, they sound too much alike. It's such a cute name though!

Elizabeth H. said...

I love the names you picked out!! Caroline was thisclose to being Hannah.... we changed our minds at the last minute! I think Kate is so beautiful! Whichever name you choose will be perfect for her! Have you started on her nursery?

Sara A. said...

I love your names too Laura! It's so hard to pick out a name! I love the name Blake. I've heard of a few girls named Blake. I also really like the name Avery. That was one we were considering for Gaby. I think some of our other choices included Hannah, Margaret (but call her Meg or Maggie) & Madison. Good luck - you've got some time & whatever name you pick will be perfect!

Kc said...

Don't worry too much about it going so well with the last name... she'll have the option to change it when she marries!