Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Miss Universe commercial

So I watched the Miss Universe pageant Sunday night. Love to watch pageants. Its so fun to see all the pretty dresses! I want the hot pink one that one of the top 10 girls was wearing (don't remember who). Anyway, sad for USA. That was a really bad fall. Not sure why she clapped for herself, I felt akward watching her get up and do that, but anyway, sad for her. :( NOT the point of this blog at all...

The ASPCA commercial that Sarah Mclaughlin sponsored was the saddest thing I have ever watched. Maybe I am just pregnant, but I was bawling by the time it was over. That was a cheap shot from the ASPCA. Of course the people watching the pageant would be suckers like me who can't stand the fact that so many animals are killed each year from euthanization or even worse, abuse. Cheap shot! I just can't stop thinking about those sweet little animals in that commercial.

Here is my baby girl. I love my dog! She and Anderson have a new game that they play. He hides in the curtains and we say "Macy, go get Anderson" and she runs over to him and he just cracks up. Its pretty funny. I have video of it. I will post it when I get a chance.

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Elizabeth H. said...

Sweet sweet dog!!!

Have you found out what you're having yet?? Oh I cannot wait to hear!!!!