Saturday, March 29, 2008

Just to say hi

This is a cute shot of Anderson from his 11 month photo shoot. I cannot believe he will be a one year old in just 2 weeks. Crazy. He is still doing really well. Took a few steps (more like 1 and a half) today on his own which was a big deal for all of us. He stands all by himself like a big boy and grins from ear to ear as he does it b/c he feels so independent! Lee and I took him to this really neat toy store this afternoon and he had a blast. I think I found something of me that he has- I won't call it OCD, its just that he "has a need for everything to be in its place." He cruised around all of the play tables and picked up any toys from the floor and put them back on the tables. Lee was cracking up and told me that I should stop teaching him how to clean so that he doesn't become neurotic. I didn't see anything wrong with the situation. :) Thats about all thats going on in the Leinwetter household. We have been religiously watching the bball tourney, updating our brackets and cheering on the Jayhawks hoping for a Final 4 appearance so that we can take a trip to SA!!! We'll see!


Hollie said...

Hey girl...I have been trying to call you! How did Anderson's party go? Someone has a birthday coming up soon! :)

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